Our vision is simple

To be ranked among the top respected
telecom brands in the market.

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Our Vision

Putting technology ahead

I C S was originally founded in 2008 by Ramy Berbesh, an Egyptian investor, with the objective to create, own and manage different chains of Telecom Brands.

I C S’s company success is based on simple principles being friendly, fast, and courteous, recognizing the customer’s requirements and needs. That means aggressively pursuing innovations that take customer satisfaction to a new level.

While each Brand has a different and unique look, there is a common feeling among them all that you have entered a warm, inviting and exciting environment.


To be ranked among the top respected telecom brands in the market.

Each unit has a different concept and is separately run, ICS manages them all with one simple Mission Statement: “Providing our customers high quality of service, easy to use, interoperable, effective, transparent and reliable.”

Business Goals & Objectives

Our main goal to be ranked among the top respected telecom brands in the market.
Through dedicated efforts of serving our customers the best Service in a comfortable business relationship.

Growth Strategy

Our growth strategy is depending on the high quality services provided which leads to high customer loyalty and satisfaction, and accordingly business enlargement.



Ringo Mobile

Majority shareholder with 93% shares
Innovative Mobile services in Italian Market

Zebra Connect

Sole shareholder
Is a new service uniquely positioned to offer Tier 2 and Tier 3 Carriers fully integrated Tier 1 &PTT Carrier mediation

Tigra Sms

Sole shareholder
Is unique collaborating platform for SMS, supports different approaches of business module enabling

Ultimate solutions

Sole shareholder
is Human Resources organization providing End to End Management consulting services To ICS group


Our presence


ICS Holding S.A.
Via Pretorio, 20
6900 Lugano (CH)

Ultimate soultions Ltd
37 Amman St .
Dokki , Giza

Ringo Mobile SpA
V.le Sondrio, 5
20124 Milano (I)

ICS Group Sarl
2 Avenue Charles de Gaulle L 1653